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From gently meandering to epic downhills and serious climbs, the trails around the Platteville community offer something for everyone. 
Hirsch Farm
A serious course for the serious fitness enthusiast


This is Platteville's signature single track course, founded back when mountain biking was just becoming mainstream in the USA. This course boasts a 20+ year history that features epic downhills, multiple creek crossings, gruelling climbs, and 9 miles of some of the best trails for hiking, biking and running that you'll find anywhere.


Trail Map and More Info

Mound View Park
A perfect course for a leisurely stroll


This course represents what happens when multiple community groups share a common vision and the will to execute it. Through a partnership with Platteville Parks and Recreation and Platteville Community Fund, PHPT installed nearly a mile of beautifully flowing singletrack. This course is perfect for beginning riders and other enthusiasts just looking for a little time in the woods.         Trail Map and More Info

KN 01.jpg
Knollwood Park
Fast and flowy with a bit of bite


Another great example of partnering with the City and the Platteville Community Fund to provide multi-use trails. This 0.82 mile course features rolling and flowy single track with several technical sections. This course is perfect for intermediate riders and enthusiasts looking for a little challenge but not wanting to worry about "feeling it" in the morning.         


Trail Map and More Info

In the Works
More trail, more fun


The Platteville area is also home to fantastic trail systems that are managed by other groups, including paved and gravel. Be sure to check out the websites of our friends to find trail that best fits your needs.


                Platteville Community Arboretum


                UW-Platteville Cycling Club


PHPT is currently working on additional trail directly in the Platteville community. We're looking at connecting our existing trails to the campus of University of Wisconsin-Platteville and much more. If you're a land owner in the area and would like to improve the community by adding to the trail system, send us an email at

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