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Platteville Human Powered Trails fully believes that relationships matter. Everything that we do focuses on improving our relationships with our community, landowners, our region, and nature.

Improving the Platteville community is a high priority for PHPT. We bring together the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and interests to build a thriving and vibrant community. Together, we can do great things.


We also support the trail building efforts of other groups in the community: 


Platteville Community Arboretum


UW-Platteville Cycling Club

Health, Exercise
& Nature

Platteville has always led the charge in community health and exercise initiatives. This is ever present with PHPT and its efforts.


PHPT does this through providing enjoyable high quality trails for anyone to use. We also are advocates of local events promoting exercise and health through participation or resource volunteering. Our sponsors support PHPT and the community in these initiatives.

Land Owner

Our relationship with land owners is paramount to PHPT. Using these properties is a privilege, not a right...and we fully respect that. A key PHPT goal is to ensure that the properties are maintained according to the requirements of the land owners.


If you're a landowner and would like to get involved, send us a message at


President - Corey Kronser               

Vice President - Jared Pick

Treasurer - Tim Ingram                  Secretary - Jason Tyson

At Large - Dave Dean

At Large - Bill Holder

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